Prepare equipment and devices, survivors. We are excited to announce that PUBG: NEW STATE will launch worldwide on November 11, 2021!

While we’re launching, we’ve been busy preparing the Battleground for you and all the other Survivors getting ready to battle for Chicken Dinners. As we put the finishing touches on the game before launch, we can’t wait for you all to experience the next generation battle royale with PUBG: NEW STATE!

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If you’re wondering what to expect when the game launches next month, be sure to check out our recent PUBG: NEW STATE Media Showcase, which offered a detailed overview of the game’s key features, real-time maintenance plan, cheat protection systems. , and more. We’ve also released an official trailer for the game, which you can check out below.


Release date, download, registration and everything else you need to know

The makers of BGMI are all set to launch a new Battle Royale game in India called PUBG New State. It is likely to be available for both Android and iPhone users at launch. PUBG New State registration has already started in the country with some exclusive rewards. The game is said to be similar to PUBG Mobile aka Battlegrounds Mobile India , but at the same time it will be different in many aspects. PUBG New State is a futuristic battle royale game set in 2051. In addition, it will have new weapons, maps, skins and much more. Here is a quick overview of PUBG New State India release date, download, features, registration and more.

What is PUBG New State?

For those who don’t know, PUBG New State is a brand new battle royale game from Krafton. It will be based on the same theme as the original PUBG Mobile/BGMI, with a hundred players fighting with a variety of weapons and strategies until the last person or team standing is the “last man standing”. PUBG New State is set in 2051. The company promised that it will provide ultra-realistic graphics and dynamic shooting. Additionally, the game will feature drones, combat roles, and weapon customization, among other things. PUBG New State is likely to offer a completely different experience than BGMI.

PUBG New State Release Date

While previous reports said that the game will be released on October 8, Krafton recently announced that PUBG New State will be released on November 11, 2021 for Android and iOS devices.

Upon release, PUBG New State will be available for download via the Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iPhone users respectively. The system requirements for PUBG New State on Android and iOS have been officially released.

PUBG New state registration

PUBG New State pre-registration is available for Android and iOS users on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. To pre-register to participate in the game, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Launch Google Play Store or App Store
  • Find PUBG New State game
  • Click the “Pre-Register” button in the Google Play Store, and iPhone users in the App Store need to select “Get” to pre-register for the game
  • This is it. You will be notified and PUBG New State will be automatically downloaded to your device after launch


PUBG New State Pre-Registration Rewards

Krafton has promised a “Limited Car Skins (Permanent)” reward for all pre-registered PUBG New State users. In addition, the developers are expected to offer free weapons, skins, permanent gear and more. As a result, more than 40 million people worldwide have already pre-registered for the upcoming game. PUBG New State pre-registration link will be available before the official release.

PUBG New State Alpha

PUBG New State Alpha is a test program launched to test the game in the real world and identify issues. The program has become available for selected Android and iOS users. However, it is currently closed and any progress made during PUBG New State Alpha testing, including account information, data and items, will be reset and unavailable in the future.

PUBG New State gameplay

Krafton has shared a few teaser videos that give us a sneak peek at PUBG New State gameplay, graphics, features and more. According to them, the game will feature an urban environment with new maps, buildings and modern infrastructure, including high-rise shopping malls, roadside billboards, and more. This means that it will be a very different scenario than the vast hill ranges and landscapes of Erangel BGMI. Additionally, PUBG New State players can battle with futuristic weapons and vehicles. The company has also promised that PUBG New State will bring the core features of PUBG (PC and consoles) to mobile devices, as well as introduce exclusive features for the game.

PUBG New State graphics

Krafton claims that PUBG New State graphics will push the boundaries of mobile gaming. It will be equipped with global lighting technology to offer realistic gameplay for a better gaming experience. We got a glimpse of it through screenshots and teaser videos; however, the company is going to reveal what refresh rate and resolution the game will support. Meanwhile, reports suggest that the game will feature both TPP and FPP gameplay. PUBG New State also boasts Ultra-HD graphics, vintage frames, a new kill feed counter, grid lines, voice chat and customization options, and a blue zone counter, among others.

PUBG New State Weapons

PUBG New State will come with a wide variety of new and classic weapons. The game will feature a mk47 mutant gun with automatic fire mode. It will also offer several classic weapons like the DP 28 and Scar, as well as the new M24 sniper rifle, AKM assault rifle, M416 assault rifle, AWM sniper rifle, grenade launcher, and Groza weapon. Players will be able to customize and equip the best weapon sights in PUBG New State. For customization, the game should offer a set that reminds users of a toolbox. This toolkit will help you eliminate the disadvantages or enhance the advantages of your weapon. For example, you can convert your single weapon to fully automatic. You can also choose different barrels to increase your firing range.

Krafton says that it is going to add many new features and updates to this toolbar in the future.


PUBG New State maps

PUBG New State is about to debut with new maps. Krafton has already announced that there will be a new map called Troy, which will take place in 2051. The map will be 8 × 8 km wide, the same size as BGMI’s Erangel or Miramar maps, and will feature several new locations, including a showroom, shopping mall, laboratory, and trailer park. The map will also feature a stadium and the inevitable bridge. Additionally, PUBG New State will feature a new take on the fan-favorite Erangel map. Krafton has promised to release many new cards in the future.

PUBG New State Vehicles

This might be the biggest change in PUBG New State. The game is said to feature many different vehicles. Some are recognizable from PUBG Mobile, but all have futuristic designs and features. In addition, PUBG New State will have electric cars, autonomous trams, search drones, new bikes and advanced helicopters, among other things with two massive fans instead of a rotor.

New game screen in PUBG New State

Krafton is going to introduce a new gaming screen with many changes. For example, players will now have a real-time bullet counter displayed next to the crosshairs. This will show you how many bullets are left in your store both graphically and numerically. And in the upper left corner of the screen, you will be able to see the number of transmissions you have received and the number of people alive on the map, as well as the number of kills you have made so far.