TRX Pro Pack 5 Loops

The TRX Rip Trainer stick is designed to complement training programs with TRX loops and standalone. Unlike TRX loops, where static and static-dynamic stabilization is developed, the Rip Trainer involves exercises with all kinds of combinations of rotational movements aimed at developing dynamic and explosive strength. The asymmetric load that occurs when using the TRX stick provides training for endurance, strength, flexibility, explosive power in all planes of movement. In addition to amateur use, training with the TRX stick is recommended for professional athletes in team sports and martial arts.

Features of the TRX Rip Trainer Shock Absorber Stick:

  • Rip Trainer™ Length: 1m
  • Grip Diameter: 32mm
  • Length of shock absorber leash (without load): 1.6 m

The main, deepest, responsible for motor skills and most influencing the main physical indicators of the muscles of the human body are the muscles of the cortex. Although they are used in any bodyweight or resistance exercise, effective training of the deep core muscles is difficult to achieve with typical movements from the field of fitness or strength sports. In turn, the risk of injury in athletes with weak core muscles is especially high, in particular when performing rotational movements and using stabilizing muscles.

TRX loops are most effective as a trainer for training stabilizing muscles. In turn, a specially designed equipment for training the deep core muscles, as well as additional training of the stabilizing muscles, is the TRX Rip Trainer stick. During training with the Rip Trainer, an asymmetric load arises, overcoming which requires the involvement of the whole body – the muscles of the arms and legs – but primarily the adductor muscles of the trunk (cortex). As a result of training with the TRX Rip Trainer stick and TRX loops, a complex development of all physical indicators of the human body (strength, endurance, mass) occurs, there is no imbalance and the likelihood of a lag in the development of any muscle group is minimized. Among others, this is one of the main reasons why professional athletes of various sports choose TRX equipment.

Where to buy the TRX Rip Trainer?

Sale of TPX simulators is carried out throughout the country. Today, pickup is available in the cities of Dnipro and Kyiv. Equipment is sent to other cities of Ukraine by delivery services (transport companies). When sending single orders, New mail and Ying-time are available for sending. In the case of complex orders (for several TRX machines), the buyer can choose any of the following courier services.

Permanent promotions for equipment and sporting goods that operate on the website allow you to buy the TRX Rip Trainer™ at the best price in Ukraine. You can read more about offers that allow you to save on every purchase in the “Promotions and News” section. For regular customers (gyms and coaches) there are discounts and discount programs that can be found with your manager.

The most convenient way to buy the TRX Rip Trainer™ is to place an order online, but it can also be done over the phone. After clarifying the details of payment and delivery, the order is sent by the transport service or the simulators and equipment are shipped from the warehouse.

The TRX gymnastic stick with a shock absorber is an organic addition to training programs with suspension systems and TRX loops. The use of a stick simulator with asymmetric shock absorption provides a balanced training of the muscles of the whole body.

The TRX Rip Trainer pole trainer was developed by a well-known specialist and multiple US Taekwondo champion. Due to its ergonomics, it is a logical continuation of the suspension training systems with TRX loops. The exercise machine is light in weight and can be compactly folded into a special bag-cover.

Regardless of the level of physical training, exercises with a TRX stick involve the muscles of the whole body, which allows you to perform their effective training. While the suspension training systems with TRX loops provide the development of static stabilization, coordination and strength, the development of dynamic explosive power required the development of an additional simulator. In this case, a gymnastic stick with a shock absorber is the optimal equipment, as it allows you to actively use rotary movements, ensure the development of explosive force and power in all planes of movement, concentrate on the speed of performing exercises, develop balance and endurance. Training with a TRX stick ensures the correct construction of the muscle corset, as it engages all muscle groups and corresponds to the natural movements that occur during running, swimming, wrestling and boxing, basketball and tennis.

TRX suspension loops are not just a multifunctional simulator, it is a complete training system.
Functional training loops promote the development of all muscles, combining stability, mobility, strength and flexibility into a single whole – just what we all need in everyday life. The main aspect of these trainings is the emphasis on the harmonious and effective development of stabilizing muscles. Training with your own weight eliminates the axial load on the spine, which is why the TRX simulator is indispensable for all age categories. This is an effective method of functional training using your own weight to work the muscles of the whole body.

Although the equipment was developed by a former US Navy soldier, these workouts are suitable for intermediate to advanced users. During the training, athletes work with their own weight, while the equipment allows you to increase the effectiveness of such exercises by fixing the arms and legs in a certain position.

Today, anyone can purchase a set for TRX, however, when buying, you need to take into account a number of recommendations. The first and main thing is the reliability of the material from which the slings are made. It will ensure the effectiveness and safety of your workouts. The second is a set of fasteners. If you want to train not only in the gym, but also at home or on the street, it is better to choose a set with an extended set of all kinds of fasteners.


TRX hinges come with special mounts with which you can practice at home (by attaching TRX to the door using a door anchor) or outdoors (by attaching TRX to a tree, pole or horizontal bar)


TRX loops take up almost no space, they can easily fit into any bag or backpack. You can take TRX loops with you on vacation or on a business trip and always stay in great shape.

The new Gen 4 TRX PRO Pack loops feature larger handle lines that now have a soft shell to protect the hands. Also, the hinges received additional “protective” impregnation: MICROBAN® antimicrobial coating for handles and anti-slip coating for adjustable leg straps.

The TRX PRO Pack trainer is equipped with 4 safety loops, which allows the TPX loops not to be slipped and twisted right behind one arm, leg, or if the TRX trainer is behind your back.

Carabiner – Posileny carabiner with hexagon. The TRX PRO Pack4 is equipped with a reinforced carabiner that eliminates the possibility of its extension. With this carabiner, you will definitely be sure of your safety. The trx carabiner is designed for loads up to 250kg, and it is also resistant to corrosion. The TRX PRO Pack4 also comes with a key to fix the hexagon of the carabiner. This is the most reliable carabiner in the entire TPX series of trainers.