Cockfighting minigame Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 has just been released and players are exploring everything there is to do in the game. One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the cockfighting mini-game. Yes, that’s right, Far Cry 6 has a cockfighting minigame!

To be able to play this mini-game, players must first collect all the roosters, which will give them the Recrooster achievement. This means that roosters will appear during the game, and players will have to collect them. It remains to be seen if there is any difference in the stats, attack and defense options of the many different roosters in the game.

When players compete in a mini-game, they don’t just send their champion into battle, they actually take control of their rooster and go into battle themselves. In addition to the jump attack, players will be able to use a ranged and melee attack. For defense, players will be able to dodge in four directions. The Gallo Super attack option will become available when the rage meter fills up with missing attacks and damage taken.

To participate in a cockfight, players will first have to visit the Montero Farm Guerilla camp in Costa del Mar, which has a cockfighting arena. There they will have to interact with Ivan Minoso, who will be found near the arena itself.

When interacting with NPCs, players will be taken to a single combat quest screen where they can choose difficulty levels: Civilian, Guerrilla, and Revolutionary. Higher levels will be unlocked after players pass the civilian level and will also require higher stakes.

Players will need at least one rooster to participate. There are roosters in a wooden box near Ivan. Once the rooster is collected, players can initiate a quest and start a mini-game.

Players will also be able to choose roosters from their collection. Winning a fight will reward players with Yaran pesos, and cockfighting can be a quick and easy way to earn some quick cash.

Cockfighting is a sport in which two roosters compete against each other, and Far Cry 6 players can play it through a mini-game. It’s a pretty controversial sport to begin with because of the cruelty it inflicts on poor animals, and I don’t support it in any way. But in Cuba, cockfighting is legal and part of the tradition, so the developers added it to the game, where Yara feels the influence of Cuba. So, if that’s something you want to try, here’s how to play the Far Cry 6 Cockfight mini-game and win Yaran pesos and other rewards in no time.

Cockfighting minigame Far Cry 1

How to play the Far Cry 6 Cockfight minigame?

  • First, find Costa del Mar on the map and visit the Montero Farm guerrilla camp.
  • Find and approach Ivan Minoso. He will be standing next to the cockfighting arena, so use the E button on the PC.
  • This will launch the Cockfights single combat quest screen, where you can start with the easiest difficulty level and gradually unlock the other two.
  • 3 difficulty levels of cockfighting: civil, guerilla, revolutionary, and you need to bet more money to play on higher difficulty levels.
  • To participate, it is necessary to find and pick up one rooster (minimum). Luckily, it’s nearby!
  • Just go to the wooden crate to Ivan’s right and take the Rooster from there.
  • Return to him and start the battle. Click Continue on the next screen.
  • Next, you will be shown the controls.
  • Now, similar to Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter/Tekken, you’ll get the option to choose your Rooster if you have more than one. You can hover over other locked roosters to find out where they can be caught.
  • When you’re ready, press the FIGHT button. There will be three rounds of matches, so try to knock out your enemy rooster.

How to win the Cockfight minigame in FC6?

The challenges of this mini-game will change depending on your difficulty and in the action mode, you have to make sure you don’t make any mistakes. Since you’re playing as Rooster, you can switch between two melee attacks and a long-range attack while your opponent is stunned with back-to-back strikes. But in most cases, quick short attacks should help you whittle down your enemy’s health.

Don’t forget to dodge the attacks and quickly retreat before the other angry birds have time to strike. Once your Rooster goes into rage mode, use Gallo Super. This is indicated by a red bar under the health bar of your Chicken or Rooster (sorry).

So in a nutshell, it’s all about finding the right moment to attack, taking two steps back to avoid being hit, and using Gallo Super to drain the enemy’s health.

Rewards for cockfights

Playing the Cockfighting mini-game in Far Cry 6 is a quick and easy way to earn some Yaran pesos. If you don’t have enough money, keep fighting again and again to earn some dollars.

Cockfighting minigame Far Cry 2

Animal rights group PETA has called on Ubisoft to remove a Far Cry 6 minigame based on cockfighting.

The firm’s Latin American branch has publicly criticized the game’s sequence, in which players engage in a parody cockfighting game, and accused the game’s creators of glorifying cruelty.

“Turning such a gruesome blood sport as cockfighting into a video game match in the style of Mortal Kombat is far from a true innovation, as modern society is strongly opposed to forcing animals to fight to the death,” it said.

“Roosters used in cockfighting are equipped with sharp spurs that tear through flesh and bone, causing severe and fatal injuries. PETA Latino calls on Ubisoft to replace this disgraceful mini-game with one that does not glorify cruelty.”

PETA has often highlighted the issue of animal rights in video games, saying it recognizes games as an important medium and believes they need to raise criticism as a way of “engaging with the public”.

PETA recently released a video of an in-game protest of Animal Cross: New Horizons criticizing the game’s feature where players collect bugs and fish to place in an in-game museum.

The organization even published its own web games as a means of highlighting the issues.

In 2008, the company released the browser game Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals to highlight that the games “have so many dishes made from dead animals”.

Animal rights activists were outraged by Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 for including a cockfighting minigame and called for it to be removed entirely.

Far Cry 6, in which players attempt to liberate a Cuban-inspired island nation from an evil dictator, has been criticized for allowing players to engage in a “cockfighting mini-game”.

Animal rights organization PETA called the mini-game “reprehensible”. “Turning a gruesome blood sport like cockfighting into a Mortal Kombat-style video game match is far from a true innovation, as today’s society strongly opposes forcing animals to fight to the death,” said PETA Latino Senior Manager Alicia Aguayo.

She added: “Roosters used in cockfighting are equipped with sharp spurs that pierce flesh and bone, causing painful and fatal injuries. PETA Latino calls on Ubisoft to replace this disgraceful mini-game with one that does not glorify cruelty.”

Other gamers were upset about the minigame on Twitter. One user wrote: “There are a lot of messed up things in video games, and I’m sure there are plenty of other horrible things in Far Cry 6, but something about the cockfighting mini-game presented as a fighting game really resonates with me. sorry.”

Starring Giancarlo Esposito from “Hardcore” as the main villain, the game has players team up with various animals in combat situations and use them to take down enemies.

The first “amigo” animal in the game is a friendly man-eating crocodile. Or you can fight alongside the likes of Chorizo, the disabled puppy.

As you progress through the game, you can find hidden roosters on the map and use them to fight cockfights.