Valkyrae – broadcast Among Us

Rachel “Valkyrie” Hofstetter has said an emotional goodbye to YouTube after her two-year contract ended.

It would be fair to say that Rachel’s two-year stay on the red platform was very successful. The streamer has become one of the most prominent female creators in the world and now has a net worth of over a million dollars.

Valkyrae was clearly emotional during her latest YouTube broadcast, but didn’t reveal too many details about her future. The streamer promised to return after a short break and assured fans that she will be active on other social networks in the meantime.

Valkyrae bids an emotional farewell to YouTube following the end of its two-year contract and promises to return to streaming soon

Valkyrae was emotional as she said goodbye to her YouTube audience. The streamer has amassed 3.61 million followers on the platform. Rashe Rachel has announced that she will be hosting the Among Us stream alongside the rest of the Amigopops, including Disguised Toast, Sykkuno and Pokimane.

After the live broadcast, Valkyrae addressed her audience and said she couldn’t believe it had been two years:

“Well, that’s all. Thank you for two years. Two-year anniversary, broadcast on YouTube. Thank you very much, I appreciate it. It was a great two years. I can’t believe it’s over. It’s actually crazy that it’s been two years. I never thought I’d be in this position when I came to YouTube.”

Rachel promised she would resume streaming after a few weeks off. The streamer also said that at this time she will be featured on her friends’ channels:

“Thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed the streams. I’m not quitting. I’ll be streaming again in a few weeks. I’ll be hanging out on my friend’s channels.”
In addition, Rachel’s fans will also be happy that the streamer plans to be active on several social networks during her hiatus:

“I’ll be active on Instagram and Twitter, and I’ll be posting videos on YouTube when I’m gone. I’ll see you when I see you, okay?”

Finally, Valkyrae promised to update her fans on her possible return to streaming on Twitter:

The streamer was clearly emotional but must have been looking forward to the break:

“When I know for sure I can stream again, I’ll be sure to tweet it out. I’ll let your guys know, okay? Thank you very much. i appreciate you please drink water and stuff! Thanks everyone for watching! I’ll see you next time!”

Valkyrae is leaving YouTube following the expiration of her contract with YouTube Gaming

Valkyrae was visibly emotional during her latest YouTube broadcast. She was overcome with sadness as she said goodbye to her fans. The streamer has amassed 3.61 million followers on the platform. Rashe Rachel revealed that she, along with her other content creator friends, including Disguised Toast, Sykkuno, and Pokimane, will be streaming Among Us.

She remained silent about her plans for the future. In her comment, the streamer promised to return after a short break and assured viewers that she would be active on other social networks.

The game Among Us is more popularized through streamers

Popular YouTube streamer Valkyrae revealed that her Among Us content with fellow creators, dubbed ‘Sussy Sundays’, is her most watched stream and video.

Originally released in 2018, Among Us has been heavily popularized by content creators in 2020. Over the course of the year, the space-themed party game has moved to the forefront of Twitch, with more than 419 million hours watched, according to Stream Charts.

While the current player base of Among Us is far from peak performance, the game still generates traffic for content creators. Team Amigops, consisting of Valkyrae, Disguised Toast, Sykkuno, CORPSE HUSBAND and more, continue the game with their regular Sussy Sunday broadcasts.

During a June 10 broadcast, YouTube streamer Valkyrae discussed the portion of her audience that almost exclusively watches Among Us gameplay. “There are a lot of people who watch literally just because of Among Us,” Valkyrae detailed. “It’s true, I have about 30,000 viewers on Sundays, and they didn’t care the rest of the week.”

The rise of Among Us has given rise to countless streamers, with Ludwig himself admitting to cheating to increase content and Diguised Toast lamenting the lack of a meta on Twitch. The still-famous game has even seen live streaming break into the mainstream to some extent, with Valkyrae even being featured on Jimmy Fallon’s Among Us in 2021.

While Among Us may not be in its prime anymore, the Valkyrae anecdote certainly shows just how appealing the title is.

Valkyrae became an “icon” of Among Us

YouTube star Rachel “Valkyrie” Hofstetter has been declared an “icon” by the developers of Among Us after she reached 500 hours of gameplay in the multiplayer online game.

Co-owner of 100 Thieves, Valkyrae certainly has an extensive catalog of games to show during her live streams. Among her favorites are Valorant, GTA RP and Fortnite.

However, nothing holds her heart like Among Us. The Social Deduction game even helped her form close friendships with her fellow Amigops, and her Sussy Sundays brought her incredible viewership.

Considering the amount of time it spends on the title, it’s no surprise that Valkyrae managed to put hundreds of hours into it, and the developers Among Us are clearly very grateful.

Valkyrae reaches 500 hours of Among Us gameplay
According to her Steam account, on August 1st, Valkyrae shared her delight at reaching 500 hours of playing Among Us.

The Among Us Twitter account then hit out at the YouTuber, calling her an “absolute icon” for the achievement.

It comes more than a year after Valkyrae announced its hopes to “rescue” Among Us after the game’s popularity plummeted in early 2021 following its viral success.

Although, despite Valkyrae’s huge achievements, some fans boasted that they spent even more time on the game.

Fellow streamer Kara Corvus, for example, claimed that her total time spent playing Among Us was a whopping 1,700 hours.

So, Valkyrae might not have the greatest numbers in terms of her play hours. However, that didn’t stop her from becoming one of the most popular Among Us streamers in the community and probably helped the game grow in popularity again.

And in general, Among Us was one of the most popular games when the pandemic began. Even though it went down, it looks like it’s starting to make a comeback with its VR version.

Back in 2020, the Among Us goal brought some of the biggest names in the industry to the next level, like Valkyrae, Ludwig, Disguised Toast and more. It even created a buzz around some new content creators like Corpse Husband. It looks like Now Among Us is back with a new VR edition and all the big names are returning.

Among Us VR came out on November 10th and has reignited the desire of mischievous little streamers to misbehave.

Especially when the 500 IQ mastermind behind the previous era of Among Us, Disguised Toast, calls for action.

This time, the fun of stabbing your friends in the back is not limited to mouse and keyboard, though. You can now enjoy the experience of betraying people’s trust in VR!

This should add a whole other level of immersion to the mix. Just experience the feeling in VR when the lights go out and you can’t see anything!

Looks like I need to buy a VR headset in advance.

When it comes to Among Us VR streams, we may be seeing a golden age return.

After the first stream broadcast by Disguised Toast, all participating streamers will repeat it. I want to see Among Us again. I seem to have missed it more than I expected.