Valorant kill-tracker skins

Riot has released patch 3.07 for Valorant, which includes the RGX 11Z Pro skin pack. This skin pack stands out from other skin packs in the game because the weapons in this pack have a kill tracking feature

The RGX 11Z Pro design kit is available in 4 color options: green, red, blue and yellow. Additionally, the weapon’s illumination from this set will change when you examine it. This skin pack is worth 8700 Valorant Points (VP) and players can also purchase individual skins from the pack which will cost 2700 VP each.

The developers recently released patch 3.06, in which they brought buffs to Jett and Skye and introduced players to Valorant Go! volume. 2 skins which include Classic, Vandal, Ares, Operator and Melee skins.

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Valorant patch 3.07 brings significant changes to the gameplay

With patch 3.07, Riot made some big changes to the game. Players will now be allowed to leave a deathmatch without penalty. Although you will need to be fully engaged in the game to earn XP.

There is no longer a penalty for exiting Deathmatch in Valorant

Change agent

  • Viper – Passing through the highest part of the Viper wall now correctly applies instant disintegration to high-flying agents. Updated the visuals for the dissolve effect seen inside the Viper’s smoke to better match the visuals seen outside, trying to remove any peeking advantage when playing with the smoke.
  • The Jett–Blade Storm Kunai will now recharge after killing a Training Dummy or Disarming Training Bot.

Riot disables kill tracker skins after FPS drop issue

Riot Games has disabled a new bugpack that caused Valorant to have a kill counter.

Valorant has a lot of creative weapon skins, but Riot Games hasn’t introduced anything new in a long time. The RGX 11z Pro pack changed that with a futuristic kill tracking feature. However, the developer disabled the option due to in-game issues.

Valorant players find FPS drops with RGX skins

The new collection of skins was minimally themed and lacked Valorant’s signature extravagance, but it hit the spot with its kill tracker. A translucent beam showed the bullets passing through the body, and a smooth screen tracked the kill of each shot. Players immediately rushed to buy the set, only to experience a drastic framerate drop after equipping the RGX weapon.

Many players reported FPS drops shortly after they fully updated their RGX skins. It would seem that this is a different problem, but professional players have discovered that the new collection is to blame. Valorant skins with 8700 points hindered the game, resulting in poor performance.

Valorant’s premium content producer Priti Khanolkar was quick to respond to the complaints, confirming that the skins were indeed bugged.

“We are aware of this message. We’ve been looking at this since Wednesday evening PT (a few hours after the skin hit the store). Yes, we tested its performance before shipping, but we missed it. Sorry about that – I hope you trust us to try to fix it,” Priti said.

Shortly after the publication, Riot Games launched an investigation, and it seems they found the reason.

The kill counter seems to be the root of the problem. Weapons on the first level seem to work fine, but the highest level causes the FPS to drop in the game. The RGX pack has a total of five levels, the highest in the game, and it is this level that affects performance. To address this issue, Riot Games has currently disabled level five for all weapons.

Players can still equip the RGX cannons, but they will not be able to activate the highest level until the patch is delivered. For those who haven’t bought the skin yet, don’t delay in buying it, as the issue can be fixed and will be implemented soon.

The developer hasn’t revealed a timeline, but this should be fixed quickly, most likely a few days before the skins exit the market rotation.

Valorant is ready to introduce another set of weapon skins with the release of patch 3.07, which also reportedly includes a kill tracking feature. The behavior of the tracker has been compared to the StatTrak feature in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Normally, the Valorant developers come up with a new patch update every two weeks. With each new update, they introduce a weapon skin and cosmetic set for their players.

Valorant patch 3.07 is set to release on October 6, 2021, and with the new patch, players will get access to the new RGX 11Z PRO gear along with the long-awaited kill tracking feature.

More on Valorant’s upcoming RGX 11Z PRO kit:

The upcoming RGX 11Z PRO weapon skin pack has some unique features different from previous skin packs in the game. With 5 upgrade levels instead of the usual 4, new kill tracking and color changing light features, this will be one of the best weapon skin packs in the game to date.

Fans have been asking for kill tracking to be enabled with any weapon skin or cosmetic since launch, and Riot has finally answered the community’s wishes. This will be the first set of weapon skins with kill tracking functionality.

The upcoming RGX 11Z PRO weapon skin pack is a Premium Edition (PE) skin pack, which means the entire pack is worth 8700 Valorant Points (VP). Each weapon in the set is expected to cost around 2100 Valorant Points. Players can purchase Valorant Points by spending real money in the game.

Valorant RGX 11Z PRO Skin Pack Details:

The upcoming RGX 11Z PRO Weapon Skin Pack has five different weapon skins, including four weapon skins and one melee skin. Here is the item list for the RGX 11Z PRO Weapon Skin Pack:

  • Sting
  • Guardian
  • Vandal
  • Madness

The weapon skin also has four different options.

  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow

As is customary with Valorant’s store rotation, players have 14 days to add a pack before it is replaced with either a new pack or buy skins from Valorant’s past.

Riot Games may introduce a kill counter in Valorant as a future weapon skin update.

Valorant is probably the most popular competitive first-person shooter out there right now. Developed by Riot, this is the studio’s first foray into the first-person shooter genre.

The game has received a lot of praise for its steady decline in content quality since launch, from player cards and weapon buddies to weapon skins. Well-known Valorant data miner Mike, aka ValorLeaks, recently tweeted that kill counters could be coming to Valorant for future weapon skin updates.

Valorant kill-tracker skins 2

An update to Valorant’s weapon skins will allow players to track their kill totals

From the dragon-themed Elderflame to the cyberpunk-inspired Glitchpop and WWII-era infantry arsenal, Valorant is constantly adding incredible weapon skins. The recent addition of Go! volume. 2, the second iteration of the Japanese anime-inspired weapon skins, had fans very excited.

Individual weapon skins can be upgraded using the in-game currency Radiant Points. By improving them, you can unlock various color options and new animations. However, the upgrade doesn’t always seem worth it.

Valorant currently indicates the total number of kills per round using the number of ticks in the kill indicator logo. However, there is no way to count the total number of kills with a specific skin.

CS:GO has a special set of weapon skins called StatTrek, which counts the total number of kills with a particular weapon. This data is visible on a small electronic meter on the gun, just above the trigger, and can be viewed during the firearms inspection.

The stat counter only tracks weapon owner kills and will show an ERROR! if someone else portrays it.

It’s still unknown what Valorant’s kill counter will look like, but fans are excited about the feature.